We appreciate everything you do to equip children for life.
We have some tools to help you achieve that goal.

Digital Access Cards so your students can connect to our resources anytime.

We understand that life happens, and sometimes library fines accumulate on patron’s accounts. But we don’t think that should stop students from accessing our digital resources. That’s why we developed Digital Access Cards.

When a student has a Digital Access Card, they have a library account entirely separate from their library account used to check out books. Because a Digital Access Card can only be used online, it’s impossible to accrue a late fee.

How to get a free Digital Access Card

  1. Students must be 18 or younger.
  2. Students must live in Shelby County.
  3. Complete the Digital Access Card application.
  4. Submit the application to the library.

How to submit the application

Public and private schools:

  1. School Librarians are responsible for turning forms into our Youth Services Librarian.
  2. We will give School Librarians the students’ Digital Access Card, and they’ll distribute them to students.

Homeschools and Parents:

  1. Fill out and submit the application online. Or, request a form below, then turn the form in at either the Main Circulation Desk or the Children’s Department.
  2. Depending on staff availability, we will either make you a card immediately or mail one to you.

Request the application or more information.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are not processing Digital Access Card applications from schools at this time. Once the library returns to regular hours, we will be happy to fulfill all school Digital Access Card requests.

If you want to receive a Digital Access Card application or need more information, just fill out the form below to message our Youth Services Librarian, Megan Langlois.

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