Print, Fax, Copy and Scan

Need to get something done? You’re in the right place!


Black and White: 20¢ per page

Color: 50¢ per page

Library paper only, please.

Limit of 40 pages per day, per person.

Printer cannot do two-sided prints.


Faxes: $1.00 per page.

The cover sheet is free and required.

You can send and receive faxes at the Library.

Our fax number is (502) 633-4025.


Black and White: 10¢ per page

Color: 25¢ per page

Limit of 100 copies per day, per person, please.


Scan documents and photos for free.

Then email the scanned items, or save them to a USB drive.

Students K-12 can print homework for free in the Children’s Department.

Computers and Equipment

If you need to use a computer, stop by the library. We also have free headphones available for checkout.

Free Computer Access

How do I use a computer?

You’ll need either your library card or a guest pass to login.

To obtain a guest pass we must see your current photo ID.

All of your library accounts must be up to date with no fines.

Who can use a computer?

Anyone can use a computer.

Children under the age of 16 must have an adult with them, or they may use computers in the Children’s Department.

Teens 16-17 will need a guest pass to access the computers.

How long can I use a computer?

There is a limit of two hours per day per person unless you are doing schoolwork, applying for jobs, etc.

Inappropriate material cannot be viewed on Library equipment. The Library reserves the right to end a session due to abuse of computer privileges.


If you need a laptop for video conferencing or studying, you can check one out at the main desk. You must stay inside the library to use the laptop.

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