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We know that having steady, reliable internet access at your home is vital, perhaps now more so than ever, which is why we are excited to introduce the new wireless hotspot service to the community.

To borrow a hotspot:

Visit the Circulation Desk or call the Library at (502) 633-3803 to schedule an appointment and read through the Frequently Asked Questions and rules/regulations outlined below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I borrow a hotspot?

Visit the circulation desk — or call the Library at (502) 633-3803 during business hours to set up an appointment — and complete the lending agreement and receive the hotspot kit, if one is available.

Who can borrow a hotspot?

Hotspots may be borrowed by any Shelby County Public Library cardholder who does not already have internet access at home, is eighteen [18] years of age and older, whose library card is in good standing, and has had a library card for more than thirty [30] days. Additionally, borrowers must provide a photo ID (driver’s license or state ID) and sign the Hotspot Lending Agreement. Hotspots are limited to one hotspot per household.

How long can I borrow the hotspot?

Hotspots may be borrowed for twenty-one [21] days and are not renewable. Overdue hotspots will be deactivated and accrue a $15 per day late fee until returned.

How do I return the hotspot?

To return a hotspot, bring the entire kit will all contents to the Circulation Desk. To avoid being charged a fee for missing parts, please wait at the Circulation Desk until you and the staff member have gone through the entire kit to ensure all components are present at return.

Do not return the hotspot to a bookdrop. Hotspots returned in the bookdrop are subject to a $15 fine or the replacement cost of the hotspot if it is damaged.

Can I renew the hotspot?

Hotspots are available for twenty-one days and cannot be renewed.

Will the hotspot work at my home?

The hotspots operate on the T-Mobile network, which has an extensive coverage area throughout Shelby County. View the coverage map and check your address here.

Is there a fee to borrow a hotspot?

There is no fee to borrow a hotspot. There are some potential fees associated with damage, missing components, or late return of the hotspot. To avoid being charged, return the hotspot on time, without damage, in original packaging, and with all originally included components.

Potential Fees
Overdue Fee
Hotspot Unit Replacement Fee
Hotspot Case Replacement Fee
Hotspot Charger/Cord Replacement Fee
Hotspot Kit Replacement Fee
Bookdrop Return Fee

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