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Welcome to Chill Out…READ! Adult Winter Read 2024

Read books and win prizes!

The holiday season has ended, and the nights are long. It’s the perfect time to catch up on your TBR (to be read) list. Join us, once again, for the Adult Winter Read at the Shelby County Public Library! The Adult Winter Read Chill Out…Read runs from January 15th to March 16th, 2024. So, cuddle up with some Library books and start reading to earn the chance to win some fabulous prizes!


Hardees of Shelbyville has sponsored the Adult Winter Read program again for 2024. We extend the heartfelt thanks of the Library and all who participate in the Adult Winter Read to the staff, management, and owner of Hardees.


This year’s Adult Winter Read has two ways to register! Participants can register in person at the Library and use the traditional log book to keep track of their reading or register online through Beanstack and keep track of everything online. You get to decide what works best for you!


This year there are three fabulous prizes up for grabs. In addition to reading books, you can complete activities and quizzes for a chance to earn even more entries for the grand prize baskets. For more information on how to win the prizes, visit the Frequently Asked Questions.

Warm up with a hot cup of your favorite drink and a good book. Adult Winter Read participants will receive a tall mug for the first three books read.

Looking for your next great read?

You’ve come to the right place! We have several resources to connect you with new authors and books, and we can recommend read-alikes, authors, and more. Check out NoveListBooklist Reader, or pick up a copy of Book Pages at the Library. Library staff is always ready with recommendations for great books as well.


Think you missed a good book this year?  Take a look at what reviewers think were the “Best Books” of 2022: New York Times, Publishers Weekly, NPR, Goodreads, Kirkus Reviews.


Can’t make it into the Library to check out books?

Hoopla and Libby are always available! All you need is your library card to sign-up.

Just for fun, test your knowledge with some of these bookish quizzes!

Literary ‘Jeopardy’ Quiz

Guess the Modern Movie Adaptation

Can You Judge a Book By Its Cover?

What Genre Matches Your Personality?

SparkNotes Quote Quiz

Discover Your Next Romantic Read

Which Literary Heroine Best Matches Your Personality!

Are You Obsessed With Books?

Can You Identify A Writer By Reading A Random Paragraph?

What Classic Book Matches Your Personality And What Does It Say About You As A Person?

Calling All Bookworms & Smartie Pants – How Many Of These 50 Classics Have You Actually Read?

If You Get 100% On This Books Quiz You’re A Genius

 If You Read 26/38 Of These Books As A Kid, You Were Definitely A Bookworm

Whether You Prefer The Book Or Movie Versions Of These Stories Will Completely Give Away Your Age

Can You Guess The Classic Book By These Extremely Vague Descriptions?

Only People Who Always Had A Book With Them In High School Can Get 9/13 On This YA Book Cover Quiz

Only Book Lovers Will Make It Past Level 20 On This Never-Ending Literary Quiz

The Hardest Game Of “Would You Rather” For Book Nerds

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If You Lived In A Period Drama, Which Leading Lady Would You Be?

Can You Guess Which Pen Name Belongs To Which Famous Author?

Do You Know Which Movies Were Based On Books?

This Stephen King Trivia Quiz Will Put Your Horror Lit Knowledge To The Test

Which Jane Austen Book Do You Belong In?

How Many Of These Popular Thriller Books Can You Identify By Just Looking At The Cover?

Let’s See If You Can Match The Movie To The Book It Was Adapted From

Your Food Choices Will Reveal Which Great Book Series You Need To Read Next

This Quiz Will Reveal Which Literary Home You’ll Get To Call Your Own

Bookworms, It’s Time To Test Your Book Knowledge With Just Emojis

Which Hogwarts House Do You Belong In?

Your Reading Habits Will Reveal Your Exact Age And Book Character That Fits Your Personality

Read A Bunch Of Your Favorite Books And We’ll Tell You What Type Of Cream Cheese Matches Your Vibe

Everyone Is 50% Disney Princess and 50% Literary Character — Here’s Your Combo

Eat, Eat, And Eat Some More To Find Out Which Literary Character Matches Your Problematic Energy

I’m Curious How Common Your Reading Habits Are

These Are The Most Popular Books From The 21st Century — Did You Enjoy The Book Or Movie More?

Answer These “Stranger Things” Questions And We’ll Reveal The Book You Should Read Next

Spend The Day At The Farmers Market And I’ll Tell You Which Book You Should Read Next

It’s A Game Of Keeps — Out Of These Two Books By The Same Author, Which Will You Save?

Help Shakespeare Write A New Play To Find Out What You Should Order For Takeout Tonight

Can You Guess Which Famous Writer Created These Words?

What Role Would You Play In A Book?

Which “Game Of Thrones” House Were You Destined To Be In?

Which Characters From These Famous Book Series Would You Save?

Give Us Your Marvel Opinions And We’ll Give You The Perfect Book Recommendation

Only A Sci-Fi Lover Has Read Over Half The Books On This A-Z Checklist

If you complete any of these activities you can print out or screenshot your results to show for an extra entry for a grand prize basket.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

It’s easy! On or after January 15th, come into the Library to register.  While you’re at it, check our catalog and reserve a few books to get a head start on your reading list.

Or register online using Beanstack.

Do audiobooks count?

Of course! If it’s on the main floor, except for movies and periodicals, it is fair game for your reading log. Fiction, non-fiction, large-print fiction, audio books, you name it. Inter-library loans count, too! Basically, almost everything.

How do I win a grand prize gift basket?

For every three books or audiobooks logged, you will receive a grand prize ticket to enter for the basket of your choice. The more books you log, the more entries you receive for prizes.

Is there a minimum number of books I have to read?

No. You can sign up, read three or four books, and then call it a day. There aren’t any requirements other than a library card. To be entered to win a prize, though, you must read and log at least two books.

When is the last day to enter the drawing?

The Adult Winter Read is from January 9th to March 18th, 2023. You can sign up or enter the drawing at any point between those dates. Books read before January 9, 2023, and after March 18, 2023, do not count towards the program.

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