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At SCPL, we strive to give you resources to improve your life.

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Large print books


Audiobooks on CD

Magazines and newspapers

Book kits for your book club

Programs for you

We also offer programs to help you meet your goals. Join a book club, get your GED, listen to speakers, attend fitness classes, or simply socialize.

One stop for technology

We know that you are busy, and technology is sometimes required to get your to-do list done.

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Print from a library computer or your personal device


You can send and receive faxes at the Library


Scan documents and photos for free


Make Black and White or Color copies

The library online

There are over 20 online resources you can use for free to work, play, and learn.

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  1. Enter your 14-digit library card number, the entire number on the back of your card. (i.e., 23610704097509)
  2. Your PIN is the last four digits of your library card number. (i.e., 7509)

Want some peace and quiet?

If you need a quiet place to study, we have spaces for that, too. Come and explore! 

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