We Explored a Universe of Stories

We Explored a Universe of Stories

The Children’s Department has been the place to be this summer! With everything from sharks to magic shows, free books and coupons to visit attractions in our region, and meeting local heroes such as police officers and EMS, this summer was one for the history books!

Summer Reading 2019 InfographicWe like to try new things!

Children at a library special-feature program

Kids petting sharks at the library

Pictured left to right: Representative for Owsley Brown II Portable Planetarium; Mason Warren, Library Public Relations; Pamela Federspiel, Library Director; Megan Langlois, Children’s Librarian; Elaine Johnson, Children’s Department; Katie Brown, Children’s Department

This year, our children’s librarian Megan Langlois was excited to bring a variety of programs to the kids of Shelby County! Each of the programs focused on learning a different aspect of outer space. Sharks visited the library (did you know the moon causes high tide and low tide?), kids learned about several constellations named after different animals (and got to meet the animals!), and we explored STEM at Hooked on Science with Jason Lindsey.

This was also the first year we’ve ever done online signups, and it was a success! Of course, as with every venture, there are always things to improve, but we are excited to bring this technology to families in Shelby County. We appreciate your eagerness to embrace new methods of doing things.

Fun for Teens, too!

Teen Escape Rooms at the Shelby County Public Library

Teen Escape Rooms at the Shelby County Public Library

Teens experienced the Universe of Stories, too. With programs like Mandela Vinyl Record Painting, 70s Celebration, Break Out Room, and more, everyone had a great time over the summer.

We couldn’t do summer reading without the community’s support

Pictured left to right: Matt Burgin, Commonwealth Bank & Trust and Library Board of Trustees Secretary; Pamela Federspiel, Library Director; Megan Langlois, Children’s Librarian; Robbie Hutchens, Commonwealth Bank & Trust

Summer Reading wouldn’t be possible without the sponsorship of Commonwealth Bank & Trust. Through their generous support, we’re able to pay for the special-feature programs so many kids love.

Thank you to everyone who purchased books at our Scholastic Book Fair! The proceeds from the sale go right back to the library, and we use that money to purchase books we give away for free to the children who complete the summer reading program. Because we sold a certain amount of books, we received 55% of the profits from the sale. That’s all thanks to you!

What’s going on in August?

As summer reading dies down, there’s a lot for staff to do behind the scenes. Statistics must be gathered and turned into the state of Kentucky, organizing must be done, and we have a whole year’s worth of events to plan for so you can continue building memories with your family. That’s why each August we take a break from children’s programming. When we resume our normal schedule in September, we want to be refreshed and ready to serve your kiddos!

Sign up for our newsletter online so you’ll be the first to hear about our programs. We already have some events planned for September that you will love!

We want the best for your family.

We are so grateful that you’ve chosen to make the library a part of your routine. Our goal is for this to be a welcoming place where your children can discover literacy and make memories to last a lifetime. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Whitney Wooters

Written by Whitney Wooters

Whitney Wooters is the IT & Circulation Manager at the Shelby County Public Library. She’s been here since 2012, where she began in the children’s department working as a page. Meeting so many people and maintaining the website are her two favorite things about working at the library. Whitney is a graduate of Leadership Shelby (2018). When she’s not at work, she’s spending time with her husband and family, hoping that includes a fishing excursion or campfire.


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