Story Time • April 28

Story Time • April 28

Happy Tuesday Friends! Can you believe it is time for our fourth virtual story time with Ms. Megan! Today we are reading a book called Frog on a Log? by Kes Gray and Jim Field. This read-aloud story will us rhyming all around the house as it shows readers every animal has a place to sit. Ready to see where each animal is supposed to sit according to the cat? Here we go!


Five Little Freckled Frogs is the perfect song to sing-along with after reading ‘Frog on a Log?” The song features numbers and introduces subtraction for practicing counting down from five as the five frogs jump into the water one by one! 

Activity and Educational Game

Try out this fun frog movement activity! This game for kids can be played in a circle, line, or as a “Froggy Says___” game.

    • Hopping Challenge: Try giving a variety of “hopping” commands to get your kids moving by saying:
      • Hop in one place.
      • Hop and turn in a circle at the same time.
      • Home on left/right foot.
      • Hop backwards, sideways; make a square or circle.
      • Hop over a line.
      • Hop with a partner.


Need to practice rhyming with your kids? Together, play ‘Grovers Rhyme Time’ game on PBS Kids. Rhyming teaches rhythm and repetition to help children develop early literacy skills.

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